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We provide mums and the organisations that employ them with the support, information and tools that enable women to show up as their best selves at work and at home.

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Returning to work after having a baby is hard but especially for someone who has spent her career being confident, challenging boundaries and not allowing anyone to get in her way. Having a baby brought me not only down to earth but probably down a bit further into a pit where my confidence was knocked and the old me just didn’t seem possible.

Your coaching was exactly what I needed, wanted and more. You allowed and assisted me to become the “pre-baby” me and also to improve to be able to take on a new role when I returned to work but challenged me even further so three months after returning from maternity leave I was shoulder tapped to take on further challenges of a new team.

I would tell anyone that this is such a small investment in your career. I would recommend this to anyone but especially to working mums wanting to make a significant change in their career.
— Sarah, Senior Commercial Lending Manager

Learn how to avoid the 7 biggest mistakes working mums make

Rebekah helped me to identify things that are important to me, that bring me joy and achievements that I am proud of and use these to help identify the things in life that I value most. This helped me to prioritise what I spend my time on and to discover that home life and work life has a lot more purpose and happiness when you are investing your time in the things that are important to you.

I have seen mums in tears over their guilt at staying at home and, in their mind, not setting a good example for their daughters by working outside the home. I have seen mums in tears over their decision to go back to work. I have seen mums that are feeling lost, confused, sad and guilty about not knowing what they want to do when they go back to work but knowing that they no longer want to return to their previous career. I would recommend Rebekah to them all.
— Joanna, Lawyer