Case study of a mum returning to work

In her own words: Jacqui, HR Manager

"As the National HR Manager for a large New Zealand business I have built a career around managing the careers of others. Perhaps this is why it was so confronting to find myself at odds with my own after the birth of our third child in August last year. 

Parenting in this day and age is intense. Particularly if you, like me, share it with your other know, the one that pays for things. 

At the beginning of this year I was in a world of change. We had a new baby, we moved house, my husband changed jobs, my son changed schools and then...then my Grandmother died. All within three months. It was a lot and it was all at once and returning to work was, quite frankly the very (VERY) last thing on my mind. 

I had resigned myself to the fact I would stay at home. Look for something else. Make life easier for the family. I had lost focus and perspective. 

Enter Rebekah. 

Rebekah and I met a few years ago at bootcamp, so when I was forwarded her survey I reached out with the intention of understanding her work in coaching women. Before I reached the bottom of my coffee I was convinced I was the one that needed help. I think I
cried. I think she cried. We shared a beautiful moment. Then we got to work. 

Full disclosure - at our first session I seriously considered climbing out a window. Only 10 months earlier I had been a key member of a Senior Management Team, where was that person now? Beks made me coffee. I relaxed. 

Over our sessions we set clear and manageable goals that meant something to me. There was work I needed to do, but I felt confident in myself and the direction so it always felt as if I was moving towards a greater goal - not only for myself but for my family. 

The moment I truly felt the power and weight of coaching was one session while preparing for a conversation with my boss. As so often happens when women return to work, I was talking through everything I needed to do to compromise. Rebekah looked me square in the eye and said, 'I am going to challenge you on this. I believe you are worth this. I do not believe you need to compromise yourself'. 

You see the thing is this.  She was right. 

It changed everything about my approach. Not only did we structure a conversation I felt confident in delivering but I asked for exactly what I wanted. I was thrilled with the outcome and my business benefited from securing my return to work.

I might be the National HR Manager, but I am also just a parent and a person trying to do the best job I know how. Every so often we all need someone in our corner who takes us by the hand and tells us, 'You've got this. I believe in you'. Rebekah isn't only an incredible coach. She genuinely believes in you and wants you to succeed. Yes you. Reading this. She believes in you! 

If you're still reading this, chances are you're ready for coaching. You will lose nothing by meeting up with Rebekah for coffee and I guarantee you will never regret this investment in yourself. 

After all professionally speaking - not having you in the workplace would be such a tragedy."